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  • Historic Programs

    Historic Programs

  • Where To Go From Here…

    Where To Go From Here…

  • First Dallas Baptist     Project: Over $125 million raised.

    First Dallas Baptist Project: Over $125 million raised.

    It is rewarding to continue to be an integral part of First Baptist Church Dallas and Dr. Robert Jeffress vision for a church with singular history and a bright future.

  • Billions Raised, Thousands Of Lives Transformed.

    Billions Raised, Thousands Of Lives Transformed.

    To build a successful stewardship campaign we first listen.  Read how we have designed our firm to understand you and then remain completely engaged through your project.

  • Resurrection


    Working with Pastor Adam Hamilton and his church was an exhilarating experience. We look forward to helping them reach their vision in the future.

  • Green Acres Baptist Church

    Green Acres Baptist Church

    This leading church in East Texas has been able to reach their vision and raise more than four times their budget to complete a worship center for their congregants.

  • Willow Creek

    Willow Creek

    Working with Bill Hybels on this breakthrough project and exceeding initial goals by more than $30 million dollars, has led the way in establishing multi-site campuses.

Re-imagine Stewardship

Re-imagine Stewardship

  We’re Not Just A Manual & A Smile…  The SRD Group has risen from a somewhat forgotten point of origin.  We came together to re-orient the conversation of stewardship to a more qualitative nature rather than quantitative, one that is effective across the board of belief levels and styles.  We are focused on engagement, […]

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Faith Based Ministries

Faith Based Ministries

Align your congregation with your message and help them envision their critical role in it’s deployment. Our Project Directors combine vast amounts of local church ministry experience with extensive consulting work on a national scale to help you reach your vision.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Our Project Managers have years of experience with development in the higher education field. Working with such names as:  The University of North Texas, Ohio University, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Centenary College, The Phillips Theological Seminary and the Portland Adventist Academy.

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